Social Media Trends 2019: Report

Long running issues with privacy and integrity came to a head in Facebook’sdge Analytica crisis. Users began to question the value networks provide and seek more meaningful ways to engage. Against this backdrop, intimate new formats have risen for connecting and sharing content, from Instagram Stories to the explosion of one-to-one messaging.

A radically new social paradigm is emerging, and leading brands are already adapting to it. Consumers want to be treated like individuals, not demographics. They’re demanding more value in exchange for their time and information. The pendulum has swung back to social’s roots: real, personal, and authentic.

Where does this leave brands that rely on social media to reach their customers, prospects, employees, partners, and other audiences? How can they create authenticity and intimacy—at scale—while working within time and budgetary constraints? How can they support customers throughout the entire journey, building loyalty and boosting the return on their investment in social media?

In this report, based on our annual survey of 3,255 Hootsuite business customers, interviews with industry analysts, and exhaustive research, we’vedistilled these questions and issues into five key social media trends forbrands to watch and adapt to in 2019:

  1. Rebuilding trust: Brands get human as the circle of trust on social media tightens.
  2. Storifying social: Content teams adapt as Stories offer new formats for sharing.
  3. Closing the ads gap: More competition on paid social requires marketers to up their game.
  4. Cracking the commerce code: Improved social shoppingtechnologies (finally) fuel sales.
  5. Messaging eats the world: Customers demand better 1:1 social experiences.

New formats, new challenges, and new ways of engaging make 2019 an excitingtime to work in social media, one filled with both pitfalls and possibilities. Here’sour roadmap for navigating and thriving in the year ahead.

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