Review of Evidence Series: Health and Economic Costs of Tobacco in Indonesia

Development of public policy on tobacco control at national and local levels based on current evidence is needed. Indonesia faces a challenge of Non Communicable Diseases that dominates the morbidity and mortality statistics in the last few years and threaten the community health and economic security of the country; as well as causes negative impact to the Indonesian Health System and the National Health Insurance Program.

This Review is a collaborative effort from scholars in several institutions to bring together the available information on healthand economic costs from verifiable data sources, as well as from unclassified yet authentic sources, and provide a brief analysis ofcurrent country situation.

The Review is presented in Seven Chapters as follows:

Chapter 1 : Introduction – provides an overview, background and objectives of the Review

Chapter 2 : Tobacco Consumption in Indonesia – based on latest data and information from Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS), Global Youth Tobacco Survey and other sources

Chapter 3 : Health Risk of Tobacco Consumption – cover Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, Tar, Clove and other additives

Chapter 4 : Health Impact Due to Tobacco

Chapter 5 : Economic Costs – cover macro level (Burden of Disease Attributable to Tobacco in Indonesia, direct and indirect costs) and Micro Level: cost of purchasing cigarettes

Chapter 6 : Discussions

Chapter 7 : Policy Implication and Recommendations

Hopefully this Review may contribute to the sustainable tobacco control program and to re-design more cost-effective interventions for Indonesia.

Read and Download: Review of Evidence Series: Health and Economic Costs of Tobacco in Indonesia at e-Library

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